Halloween Ideas for your Letter Board

Halloween Ideas for your Letter Board

Let's go ghouls - it's almost Halloween! 🎃 To help you have a fab-boo-lous time on fright night, we've gathered our favorite Halloween ideas for your letter board. From witch themed puns to haunted house welcome messages, we've got some fangtastic ideas ready for ya. 🦇

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 Candy Letters Glow Skulls, Halloween Letter board Icons


For Haunted House Parties

  • Home sweet haunted home
  • Fright this way
  • Be our ghost
  • It’s not a haunted house, it’s a haunted home
  • For the ghost-ess with the mostest
  • Come in and stay for a spell
  • Show me the candy
  • Come on in, rest your bones
  • Bone apetit
  • Witch way to the candy?


For Photos with the Kids

  • Spooky little cutie
  • Mummy of the year
  • The pick of the patch
  • Looking fab-boo-lous
  • Trick or treat, you’re so sweet
  • Batty about halloween
  • Call me cute and give me candy


Monster Themed

  • Creepin it real
  • Ghouls just want to have fun
  • #squadghouls
  • If you’ve got it, haunt it
  • If zombies chase us, i’m tripping you; nothing personal
  • Shake your boo-ty
  • Where my ghouls at
  • You’re just my blood type
  • Have a fangtastic halloween
  • Hey boo
  • Let’s go ghouls


Pet Themed

  • Happy meow-loween
  • Witch way to the treats?
  • No tricks, just treats and wagging tails
  • Fetch me some candy
  • Pup-kin spice and everything nice
  • Happy howl-o-ween
  • Bad to the bone


Alcohol/Drink Themed

  • Pick your poison
  • Just here for the boos
  • Happy hallo-wine
  • Drink up, witches

Candy Letters Witches Brew Halloween Letterboard Icons

Witch Themed

  • *Look what you made me brew
  • Happy halloween, witches
  • *Witch better have my candy
  • Life’s a witch, then you fly
  • Witching you a happy halloween
  • Turns out i’m 100% that witch
  • Witch, please
  • Why yes, actually - i can drive a stick
  • Spells cast here
  • Create your own magic
  • I’ve put a spell on you


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