Our Story

What started as a fun idea to personalize our letterboards in our home has turned into a family business that brightens thousands of homes, businesses, and classrooms around the world. Since we sold our very first collection, we've loved seeing all the messages and moments that people create and share.

In today’s world where criticism and negativity seems to be everywhere, it’s more important than ever to messages of support, celebration, humor, and love. As humans, we’re compelled to express ourselves and connect. It’s our hope that our products help you to do just that in a way that feels fun, easy, and true to you. Because the more your letterboard feels like you, the more you’ll want to share it. And from there, who knows where your message might go, who will see it, and how it could make a difference.

We can't wait to see the messages you share with us next!


Ashley Kruse, Co-founder of Candy Letters

Ashley Kruse

Owner, Designer, Photographer

Ashley is a graphic designer and photographer by trade who has always loved the unique look of letterboards. When she's not designing, she can be found enjoying Colorado's outdoors, cuddling with her dogs, or bingewatching Pixar movies.


Chris Kruse, Co-Founder of Candy Letters

Chris Kruse

Owner, Technical Guru

Chris is a web developer and software engineer by trade, and a problem solver by nature. His curiosity inspires a wide range of hobbies that span construction, electronics, and most recently, gardening.




Supervisor, Security

Piper is a mountain dog and explorer at heart who manages the shop’s security. A devoted watchdog around the clock, she guards the inventory and protects outgoing packages from suspicious characters and sneaky squirrels.




Supervisor, Quality Control

Kona is a basset mix with an eye (and nose) for the finer things in life. She puts her keen senses to work when checking orders for quality and accuracy. If she spots a mistake, the penalty usually isn't too steep - a belly rub or a treat will do.



Shop Apprentice

Penny is the shop's newest member and the most energetic. A pup who's eager to learn, Penny helps keep an eye on inventory and team morale. Her daily play breaks and belief in the "work hard, play harder" philosophy helps keep shop spirits high.