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Box of Crayons #2

Box of Crayons #2

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Color your world with our "Box of Crayons #2" letter board icon collection.

Collection includes:

  • 1 crayon (pink)
  • 1 crayon (yellow gold)
  • 1 crayon (lavender)
  • 1 crayon (light brown)
  • 1 crayon (mint green)
  • 1 crayon (magenta)
  • 1 crayon (gray)
  • 1 crayon (black)


    Our letter board icon pieces are approximately 1" tall and 0.10" thick, durable and designed to last as long as you need them. All pieces feature sturdy pegs on the back - no tacks or velcro that could damage your letter board. They're made for all kinds of letter boards - plastic, felt, and wooden.

    ♥ Designed and made with love in Colorado Springs, CO USA.


    All icons are made of 100% PLA plastic - a polymer mix made from corn starch, sugar cane and sugar beet.


    Purchase does not include letter board, letters, or other accessories pictured. Pieces are small and may be dangerous if swallowed. Please handle with care and keep away from children.

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